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About the Author

Dykema Gossett PLLC is a leading national law firm built upon its Midwestern heritage and values, with offices located in California, Illinois, Michigan, Texas and Washington D.C. A diversified multidisciplinary practice with international reach, Dykema is the firm of choice of both multinational Fortune 100 corporations and entrepreneurial enterprises.

We represent both domestic and foreign-owned entities in all aspects of the acquisition, financing, development, construction, leasing and disposition of a wide variety of commercial, residential and mixed-use properties throughout the United States. Our clients include all major parties in the real estate industry owners, lenders, developers, investors, local governmental units and agencies, users, contractors, architects and property managers. This broad representation gives us valuable insight into the competing interests involved in even the most complex real estate transactions.


This Book was prepared by the members and associates of Dykema Gossett PLLC, as listed below. It represents a substantial number of hours of research, analysis, and editorial efforts by all those listed. Particular thanks to Danielle Graceffa, Catherine Brainerd and Legal Specialist Debbie Dettore for their extra efforts in this regard.

Sections Relating to Construction Law

Catherine A. Brainerd
Philip J. Carbone
Danielle M. Graceffa
Anthen T. Perry
Daniel J. Schairbaum
W.A. Steiner, Jr.
Laura A. Weingartner

Section Relating to Environmental Law

Mark D. Jacobs

Section Relating to Employee Relations

Robert L. Duty