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Construction Consultants International Corp.

Claims Analysis

Technical Analysis
CCIC maintains a staff of technical experts capable of analyzing the complex technical and design issues which often arise in connection with construction disputes. Our experts can independently evaluate issues such as whether or not a specification is defective or whether a particular item is properly included in the contractor's scope of work.

Schedule Analysis
CCIC's staff includes numerous experts in the field of schedule analysis. Our consultants are familiar with all varieties of the critical path method including arrow and precendence diagramming. They are capable of determining compensable, non-compensable, and non-exusable delays based upon techniques which are appropriate to the issues involved in the claim and the available documentation.

Damages Analysis
Claims costing and damages issues are ultimately the most important aspect of any construction dispute. CCIC's staff has extensive experience in claims costing including such issues as the cost of extra work, inefficiency and disruption costs, extended overhead, equipment costs, labor and material escalation, loss of use, lost profits, and increased financing costs.

Computer Applications
CCIC increases the cost effectiveness of its services by developing computer-generated analyses and printed or plotted graphics wherever possible. CCIC has successfully used computer applications in connection with cost and schedule issues on a variety of major construction claims, simultaneously increasing the effectiveness of the clients' presentations and reducing the clients' overall costs.


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