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Construction Consultants International Corp.

Defense of Claims

Independent Professional Reports
After completing its independent analysis of a construction claim, CCIC's staff can prepare for the client and counsel a report regarding that analysis for internal use, for presentation to the opposing party, or for use as an exhibit in legal proceedings. Formal reports are prepared in a professional manner using our desktop publishing system. We incorporate both computer plotted and manually generated graphics wherever appropriate or necessary to explain, summarize, or illustrate our analyses and conclusions.

Negotiation of Disputes
CCIC's staff has extensive experience in the presentation of claims analysis to opposing parties and has participated in numerous claim negotiations. We are available at any time to assist the client in negotiations in an effort for both sides to save the significant expenses associated with litigation or arbitration of the dispute.

Expert Testimony
In the event that a dispute cannot be settled, CCIC's staff can provide the expert testimony necessary for an effective presentation of the client's case in litigation or arbitration. Our consultants have successfully testified as experts in arbitration, mediation, and mini-trials, and before state and federal courts and administrative boards. CCIC's staff will provide an independent and honest opinion regarding the issues we have been retained to address.


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