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Construction Consultants International Corp.

Risk Management

Claims Avoidance
One of the best ways to avoid the problems associated with construction claims is to utilize CCIC's risk management services from the earliest stages of your project. CCIC can provide a variety of services aimed at minimizing and managing the risks associated with a construction project which often lead to claims and disputes. These services include the preparation of contract conditions, project management services and project scheduling.

Contract Conditions
CCIC's staff can assist both owners and contractors in the preparation of general and special conditions which can, if properly applied, significantly reduce the possibility of claims. CCIC has performed this service on behalf of general contractors as well as state and local government agencies.

Project Management
Our staff can provide services in the overall area of project management including the major phases of any project: the conceptual phase, the design phase, the preconstruction phase, the construction phase, and the project completion and closeout phase.

Project Scheduling
One specialized aspect of risk management is project scheduling. Our staff provides owners and contractors with scheduling information based upon state of the art critical path method scheduling techniques. By tracking time, resources, and costs, we can help the client to know exactly where the project stands at any given time and address change orders and delays before they become unmanageable.


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