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Construction Consultants International Corp.

About CCIC

Construction is an exciting business, and like most exciting endeavors, it involves a substantial amount of risk. For more than two decades, CCIC has provided expert consulting services to businesses involved in the world of construction on projects spread over six continents. CCIC and its affiliated corporations offer services aimed at minimizing the risks and potential losses associated with construction projects at all stages of the construction process from the conceptual planning phase through design development and actual completion of construction. When it becomes necessary, CCIC's staff provides expert assistance in resolving post-construction disputes in the areas of claims analysis, litigation support and expert testimony.

In order to provide these diversified services, CCIC has assembled a multidisciplinary staff with experience in the fields of construction contracting, construction management, project scheduling, contract administration, the various design disciplines, and construction law. The purpose of the services provided by these consultants is to provide the kind of independent advice our clients need in order to minimize their risks and maximize the profitability of their construction projects.

We Do....

-  Tailor our work approach to the specific issues raised by a particular dispute and any expert testimony which may be required.
-  Give our clients honest opinions regarding the pluses and minuses of their specific cases
-  Provide budgets for a particular scope of work based on the needs of the particular case.

We Don't....

-  Take the "shotgun approach" of analyzing every aspect of every claim in the same way, regardless of the issues.
-  Act as "hired guns" and tell our clients only what they want to hear.
-  Submit unrealistically low cost projections followed by surprisingly high bills, or increase our budgets without telling our clients in advance and the reasons why.

How CCIC Can Help

Risk Management

Claims Avoidance
-  Contract Conditions
-  Project Management
-  Project Scheduling

Claims Analysis

-  Technical Analysis
-  Schedule Analysis
-  Damages Analysis
-  Computer Applications

Litigation Support

-  Document Discovery and Microfilming
-  Deposition Outlines and Support
-  Trial and Arbitration Support
-  Video Documentation

Defense of Claims

-  Independent Professional Reports
-  Negotiation of Disputes
-  Expert Testimony

Continuing Education

- Worldwide Seminars
-  In-House Programs

Projects and Clients


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Harvey L. Kornbluh
Chairman & CEO